Andrew Couch Portrait

Andrew Couch

Senior Web Application Developer and Consultant

I help clients build the web applications that make their businesses work. I am expert at complex databases and have many years of experience with all layers of web applications from responsive front-ends through the backend to the database.

I have been working in web development professionally since 2000. Originally from the US, I have been in Germany since 2007. Although based in Berlin, Germany, I am adept at working with distributed teams.

Let me help you with your web application and database needs.

I am not a designer

... and that's a good thing.

I merge designs with the realities and constraints of web technologies.
I concentrate on the realities of web development to allow the designer to innovate.
I make things work.

I am a developer

What I Use

MS SQL Server My SQL PostGreSQL dotNet jQuery HTML5 CSS3 PHP Grunt LESS CSS WordPress

...among other technologies and frameworks.

What I Do

SQL Database Expertise

  • Data analysis
  • Import-Export tasks
  • Complex queries
  • SQL optimization

Custom Web Application Development

  • Full stack web development
  • Various technologies
  • Experience in e-commerce and professional services branches
  • Integrate with third-party API's

WordPress Know-How

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